Roland ED SC-D70 Music Packs


Final Doom - TNT: Evilution has been added.

Final Doom - The Plutonia Experiment has been added.

The unofficial Plutonia MIDI Pack has been added.

Fixed a song title typo in the Doom music packs.


Hexen has been added.

All music packs have been updated. The noise floor has been reduced, which also makes the FLAC files about 2 to 8 percent better compressable.

Doom 2 Track 'Waiting for Romero to play' has been updated, as there was a crackling noise in the previous version right at the beginning.

Duke Nukem 3D Track 'Plasma' has a slightly lower volume, as higher volume caused crackling at some points during playback.

Added Compatible Source Ports below the download links.


Heretic and Duke: Nuclear Winter have been added.


This page goes live. Available music packs are Doom, Doom 2, Duke Nukem 3D, Rise of the Triad and Hocus Pocus.

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